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Picking the Right Colors For Your Skin Tone March 27 2015

Picking the right colors...

Have you ever noticed how some colors you love just don't work for you, but look great on your friends? It may seem insignificant, but the colors you wear can affect how your skin tone looks. Some colors can accentuate your look and others can dull it. But don't worry, The Eyes of Eve glamour squad is here to help you find best colors for your skin tone!

How to Figure Out Your Skin Tone

First, you need to figure out what you skin tone is. Your skin tone will mostly likely fall under two categories: cool (pink undertone) and warm (yellow undertone). During the summer, your skin may tan and get darker, but your skin tone will always remain the same. Some complexions may not tan, but in this case the skin tone will still be the same. You can determine your tone using several methods (for a full list click here), but we would suggest the white paper test. All you need a white piece of blank paper. Take the piece of paper and put it against your wrist or neck, not the face. What color jumps out at you? Blue and pink indicates you have a cool tone and green and gold indicate a warm tone. 

What season are you?

Now that we have figured out if your are cool or warm, we need to figure out what season you are! There four seasons of skin tones: autumn, winter, spring and summer. These tones also analyze the color and contrast of your eyes and hair. If you are a summer, you will have blue, red or pink undertones. Your eye and hair color will only contrast slightly against your skin. If you are a winter, you will have blue, pink or red undertones, but your skin will have a strong contrast between your hair and eyes. If you are a spring, your skin will have a peach, gold or beige undertone. People with spring skin tones usually have blonde/strawberry hair, freckles, rosy cheeks and blue/green eyes. If you are an autumn, you will have golden or warm yellow undertones.

Analyze Yourself in Relation to Your Ethnicity

you should base your tone on hair, skin and eyes relative to your ethnicity. Here is a great chart from thechicfashionista.com!

Light: Rashida Jones has sparkly green eyes, light olive skin and light brown hair, which are all characteristics of a Soft Summer or Soft Autumn - which basically means she's neither light or dark.

I have yet to find ethnic celebrities with blonde hair and blue eyes :) People with an albino skin disease would most likely be a light. This means that some of the lightest ethnic women fall on Clear or Soft, not Light. However, if you are ethnic with a Soft coloring, you can dye your hair blonde and wear the Light color palette.

Medium: Beyonce has a light caramel skin tone, sparkly brown eyes and a lighter shade of brown hair - which make her a Warm Spring or Warm Autumn.

In some cases, Warm Spring/Autumn women who dye their hair lighter can wear some of the Clearcolors.

Deep: Dark brown eyes and black to dark brown hair are strong indicators that you're a Deep. Skin tone can be anywhere from the fairest white to deep ebony. Supermodel Alek Wek has a very deep coloring with the deep characteristics.

Picking the right colors for your skin tone really can make a difference, not only aesthetically! Color therapy is used by many to help balance chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel." These centers were named as such because of the circular shape to the spinning energy centers, or spirals of energy, which exist in our subtle etheric body, the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body.

Chakras are spirals of energy in your body that correspond to different characteristics and virtues. Here is a great chart!