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The Eyes of Eve Fashion Guide: Unique Hoop Earrings April 08 2015

Unique Hoop Earrings for Spring!

Diggin' the mermaid vibes in this guide! Yellow is a bright, cheery color that's great for spring. We picked these unique hoop earrings in yellow and paired them with this amazing shell necklace from Blue Malibu. Our Eyes of Eve model Vanessa Ramos looks beautiful and the teal and purple in her scarf bring out the yellow. Definitely a great color combo!

To see our collection of unique hoop earrings, visit www.theeyesofeve.com!

The Eyes of Eve Fashion Guide: Neon Blacklight Reactive Hoop Earrings! March 03 2015

Get ready to party with these neon yellow and green lace hoop earrings! These beauties are blacklight reactive, so you will be GLOWING! If you are looking for a full neon blacklight reactive look, definitely check out PKOK on Haight for a great selection of sexy outfits! You can also shop The Eyes of Eve earring line while you're there ;)

Neon black light reflective earrings are great for a night out dancing or just to add a pop of color to you look! 

The Eyes of Eve Fashion Guide: Benko Unique Silk Hoop Earrings February 10 2015

 Benko Unique Silk Hoop Earrings


We are mixing things up a bit! Check out The Eyes of Eve Style Guide each week to see the hottest and best designs and products from the Bay Area!
This week we want to feature our amazing designer BENKO! He designed a beautiful, unique collection of hoop earrings that we LOVE. Each pair of unique hoop earrings are one-of-a-kind and made from quality silks. We love the colors in this funky pair!
We also want to shout out to the Floss Gloss ladies for killing it in the nail game! All of their colors are amazing, but we picked out the Gemini nail kit to go with these silk hoop earrings. They got their start in the Bay Area and now have taken over the world! Visit their site to find out what stores are near you! 

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot February 10 2015

How To Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time for a boudoir photoshoot. Whether you are giving the photos as a gift, or just getting some badass pictures of yourself, a photoshoot is an empowering, fun experience. What makes the experience even better is being prepared! Check out some of our best tips on how to prepare for a boudoir photoshoot.

Boudoir is a style of photography that has been around for ages. The photoshoot usually takes place in a studio or bedroom and the model (that’s you!) dresses up in lingerie with excellent hair and makeup to boot. If you are thinking about giving it a try, here are some tips on how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot!

  1. Pick the right photographer.

You want your photos to look natural and sexy, which is why choosing the right photog is key. You want someone who you feel comfortable around and that will give you good direction. Not all of us are natural models, so having someone who can direct you will make your shots come out better.

  1. Don’t spend too much of your budget on lingerie.

Definitely pick out some sexy pieces, but don’t get too crazy. You may want to have a few looks during the shoot, but be smart about it. Mix and match pieces and accessories. Reach out to your ladies and see if they have something you can borrow - that is the best deal of all ;) Oh, and don’t forget some sexy heels. Black is a good way to go so you can use with each look.

  1. Have someone do your hair and makeup.

This will really make a huge different during the boudoir photoshoot. Firstly, it will save a lot of time during the photo editing process. If your skin and hair is on point, the photographer will have less editing to do so you will get more bang for your buck. Secondly, looking sexy will make you feel confident during the shoot. You can get your makeup done for free at Mac and Benefit if you purchase $50 dollars worth of product. You could call your hair salon as many hairdressers can also do makeup application.

  1. How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot Make sure you drink a lot of water the week before your shoot. This will make your skin look amazing and well, water is good for you duh!
     Drink lots of water and get rest.
  1. Don’t forget hands and feet!

Make sure to give your hands and feet some love. A cute mani pedi will really tie the look together.

  1. Practice your poses.

It may feel silly, but spend at least an hour practicing your poses and looks in the mirror. You don’t want to show up to your shoot unprepared and photographers aren’t magicians so you have to do your part to get those steamy shots. Know your angles show you can take flattering pics. You can also do a quick Google or Pinterest search on boudoir photoshoots to get ideas and inspiration.

  1. Presentation!

Now you have your photos, but how do you present them? Get creative! You could put them on a disc, make a video out of them or have them printed onto a coffee table-like book. You could also just have nice prints made and put them in a fancy envelope or folder. If you really wanna get next level, make a calendar so your sexiness can be enjoyed all year long.

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot
Unique hoop earrings by the Eyes of Eve.
- Dark Green Lace Hoop Earrings (image 2)

Promotion: Free gift wrap for November purchases! November 04 2014

Heading home for the holidays? Don't forget to bring your loved ones a little gift ;) This month, get free Eyes of Eve gift wrap on all earrings purchased! 

Free gift wrap

Top 10 Photo Shoot Tips for a Sizzling Summer Shoot July 15 2014

Are you getting ready for a sizzling summer fashion shoot? Or maybe gearing up for your fall collection? Check out these top 10 photo shoot tips!


1. Come up with a game plan.

Before you do anything, come up with a general game plan. This can include dates, artistic direction, location ideas, materials and staff needs. Keep editing as you get farther along in the planning process. This will keep you organized.


2. Plan your looks in advance.

Things get hectic during a shoot. On a piece of paper (or maybe in your phone or iPad) write down each look you want to shoot. This should note the model, the clothes, shoes, accessories, hair styles, makeup and location or angle you are looking for. That way when things start getting crazy, everyone will be on the same page and you won't waste time explaining all the details to your team.


3. Confirm EVERYTHING.

Make sure to confirm with your models, photographers, makeup artists, assistants and whoever else is involved. Facebook groups are a great way to make sure everyone sees updates and the main details of the photo shoot. (how to make a Facebook group) You can also use a group texting feature or app! 


4. Choose the right location.

A good location is a must. The location should be easy to maneuver, especially for the photographer. A location that allows for a variety of shots and angles is best. Also think about the elements. What if it rains or gets really windy? Are there power outlets, bathrooms or other things you will need access to? Also, the lighting is a huge factor. Have your photographer test the location before committing to it.


5. Details, details, details!

It is always good to have an assistant or friend do a final once over on the models before and during the shoot. Check that no tags, frays, fly away hairs, etc. are visible, as it will make the editing process much more difficult and possible more expensive. 


6. Pump up your looks with professional hair and makeup. 

This is a very important investment that will really help your photos pop. Hiring a makeup artist and/or hair stylist will ensure that your models are camera ready. They know how to apply makeup in a way that will look good on camera and it will also save you time when editing the photos.

7. Get several different shots.

Get close up shots that really show the detail of your products, maybe even a few variations. It is also good to have a lifestyle type shot that shows your customers how to use or wear the product. A good photographer will really pay off as they will know what shots to take and give good direction to your models.


8. Research your photographer.

Make sure you spend time talking or meeting with the photographer before the shoot. The look of the photos will have a lot to do with their personal style, so take the time to look at portfolios and samples. Also, set up a timeline so you know when you will have access to your photos. 


9. Think social!

You are most likely going to use your photos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more! Keep the dimensions of images for these sites so you can frame your shots in a way that transitions nicely. For example, it's good to take some horizontal shots that you can use for your cover photos. See example below.

10. Most importantly ... HAVE FUN!!!

Photo shoots are hard work and staying positive and having fun will keep your entire team in good spirits. Get good rest and make sure you have all the personal things you may need on a shoot, like snacks, water, etc.


To see more photos from this shoot, click HERE or follow us on Instagram - @theeyesofeve.