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The Eyes of Eve Fashion Guide: Unique Hoop Earrings April 08 2015

Unique Hoop Earrings for Spring!

Diggin' the mermaid vibes in this guide! Yellow is a bright, cheery color that's great for spring. We picked these unique hoop earrings in yellow and paired them with this amazing shell necklace from Blue Malibu. Our Eyes of Eve model Vanessa Ramos looks beautiful and the teal and purple in her scarf bring out the yellow. Definitely a great color combo!

To see our collection of unique hoop earrings, visit www.theeyesofeve.com!

The Eyes of Eve Fashion Guide: Neon Blacklight Reactive Hoop Earrings! March 03 2015

Get ready to party with these neon yellow and green lace hoop earrings! These beauties are blacklight reactive, so you will be GLOWING! If you are looking for a full neon blacklight reactive look, definitely check out PKOK on Haight for a great selection of sexy outfits! You can also shop The Eyes of Eve earring line while you're there ;)

Neon black light reflective earrings are great for a night out dancing or just to add a pop of color to you look! 

5 Unique Hairstyles to Show Off Your Hoop Earrings February 24 2015

Hoop Earrings and the perfect hairstyle...

We are always looking for unique hairstyles to show off our hoop earrings! We love helping women feel confident and beautiful. Here are some of our favorite styles from the last few seasons! Have one you want to share? Email your look to theeyesofeve@gmail.com. 

Benko Hoop Earrings

1. Cornrows.

This hairstyle is brilliant because it really shows off the earring. These hoop earrings are original pieces of art created by Benko - a San Francisco-based artist. Depending on the look you are going for, you can either braid all the way down, or go about halfway like in the picture above.


2. Faux Hawk

This edgy hair style let's you live on the wild side! This faux hawk was created by pinning model Kristina's hair on both sides using bobby pins. She is rocking our opaque multicolor hoop earrings from our Summer 2014 collection. 


3. Pompadour & Ponytail

This great shot shows two styles in one - the pompadour and pony tail. A simple ponytail can keep your hair out of the way and show off your amazing hoops at the same time! You can do a high ponytail like the one shown here, or you could let it rest lower near the base of your head.

Here is a quick video on how to do your own pompadour! 


4. Loose Bun

This relaxed look is great for spring and let's your earrings shine! There are so many types of buns, so don't just stop here! You can also try a high top bun for a ballerina-style look, or you do a lower more modest bun that rests on your neck.


5. Side Hawk

A relative of the faux hawk, the side hawk just has pinning on one side. This style tends to look more feminine than the faux hawk while also allowing you to showcase your fav earrings and keeping your hair out of your face. 

The Eyes of Eve Fashion Guide: Pink Floral Lace Hoop Earrings February 24 2015

Pink Lace Handmade Earrings
This week in our style guide, it's all about PINK! Spring is in the air and this pink reminds of Japanese Cherry Blossoms which start blooming like crazy this time of the season. Delicate and feminine, this pair of pink floral lace hoop earrings are handmade in San Francisco by the lovely ladies at The Eyes of Eve! We paired this look with a necklace from one of our favorite stores Kisha Studio, which is located in the Richmond District of San Francisco!